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Soaring Phoenix Property Solutions is a local company owned by me, Nancy Rojas. I buy houses for cash without using repairs, banks, appraisals, or even realtors — because I buy directly from you, I pay more than any other investor in the area! I have extensive experience in resolving even the most difficult situations in a way that benefits everyone involved. I would be delighted to assist you or anyone you know who needs to sell their home quickly. I concentrate on finding solutions and giving sellers and buyers peace of mind. I am dedicated to improving communities and assisting property owners in getting a fresh start. I purchase “fixer-uppers” and invest in them to build beautiful, affordable homes.

Years of experience in the real estate field have taught me that efficiency is everything. If you need to sell your house fast, you can’t have your property sitting on the market for a long time. You need results and an easy way to get the money so you can move on and attend to other important things in your life. Soaring Phoenix Property Solutions will deliver exactly what you need.
Everyone has a selling deadline due to various reasons. Whether you’re moving to a different area, need to rid yourself of the mortgage on inherited property, have a surprise medical bill and need to downsize, are going through a divorce, or have a vacant house you don’t need anymore, I can help you. I want to save the time, energy, and money you’d spend on listing the house yourself and going through the usual time-consuming process with a realtor. You don’t need to worry about selling your house if you already have too much on your plate. Let Soaring Phoenix Property Solutions take care of everything!

I am Florida Proud.

I am a proud Floridian.

I am committed to helping the community and the people in it be successful.


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